Sholeh Lulham-New

Founder/ Owner of Horses Guiding Humans, Equine Specialist

SHOLEH LULHAM social worker

Sholeh has over fifteen years of social work experience including working with youth at risk at Green Hill Training School, worked in a residential setting for chronically mentally ill individuals involved with Behavioral Health Resources, child protective services both as a Family to Family Coordinator, voluntary service worker and as an Indian Child Welfare Program Manager for Children's Administration Headquarters. Additional experience includes serving elderly and disabled people and supporting, recruiting, and retaining foster parents. Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice with a Psychology minor from Central Washington University. Certified Integrative Wellness Academy Life Coach.

Sholeh was originally certified in the EAGALA program model in 2002. She partners with mental health therapists as an Equine Specialist providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at in Graham which is her family farm. In 2016 she was the equine specialist with the Muckleshoot Tribe behavioral health and provided equine-assisted psychotherapy to youth, family, and the tribal 4-H group.

With a love of horses since she was a child, the passion carried over to teaching and helping others around horses. She also has numerous students that compete in eventing. Sholeh was involved in the structured Pony Club and graduated at the HA level. She also developed and ran horse camps for children and competed in Hunters at Arabian Regionals, Pony Club Nationals, and competed Preliminary in the Area VII eventing. Sholeh has trained young horses and was a working student for John Camlin at Caber Farm for five years.

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