Schools and Groups

Horses Guiding Humans can create a school specific program that will best meet their needs, or there are some already developed programs that have been proven very successful in helping youth at risk as well as many other populations that is called Power Tools.

The Power Tools program offers sessions that work to address



Choices and Consequences



Relationship Skills


 All activities are unmounted, use the horses and have a mental health professional and an equine specialist as part of the team.

Horses Guiding Humans also can assist groups, school sports team and teachers in unmounted team building activities.

The HGH is developing content and structure to be able to offer mini horse assemblies addressing topics such as bullying and suicide prevention.  Contact us for more details.

Recently HGH has partnered with the non-profit Empowerment Through Connections to offer scholarship funds for those in need to be able to access equine activities.  Grants are being written as well as fundraising events.