Individuals, Family and Couples Therapy

Horses Guiding Humans offers a unique experiential therapy that often times gets faster results than typical talk therapy. 

Services addressed but not limited to

Groups available for many of the areas of concerns for a reduced rate






Stress Management

Children/ Adolescents


Marital/ Couples

 “That initial session was so powerful for me and have already made positive changes.” Life changes client

 “That is the calmest I have ever felt (with the horses)” Trauma Victim

 Some session can be covered by insurance.  The providers would provide you with a receipt and paperwork that you can submit to your insurance company. Contact us today to see when we can get you scheduled to come meet our team.

Recently HGH has partnered with the non-profit Empowerment Through Connections to offer scholarship funds for those in need to be able to access equine activities.  Grants are being written as well as fundraising events.