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SHOLEH LULHAM and Peg Foley standing with one large and one small horse

As an EAGALA Group we are able to offer a multitude of Equine Assisted Services allowing us to host corporate team building and retreats, as well as serve Military, children, young adults, individuals and couples in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. It's important to us to provide the Washington community with top notch Equine Assisted Services.

The EAGALA Model is a distinct experience-based, team-approach framework designed to empower clients to analyze their situations, make connections, and find their own solutions through personal and physical experiences. The approach is based on the philosophy that the client has the best solutions and we help them find those solutions through the use of metaphors and the horse. Learn more.

Equine services encourages skills of patience, self-confidence, trust, and compassion. Groups, individuals, couples and families learn by directly working with a horse. Participants use feelings, behaviors, and patterns to better understand the horse and themselves. Horses use body language and often mirror the emotions and behaviors of the participants that surround them. We choose activities to help each person come to important insights and learn new skills. Everyone is given the opportunity to discuss feelings, behaviors, and patterns they noticed during the activity. We also discuss how these elements may be found in other areas of their lives. Non-verbal communication, problem solving, boundary setting, leadership, confidence, and relationships are all common themes.

SHOLEH LULHAM touching heads with horse

Scholarships available through Horses Guiding Humans Foundation