Corporate Retreat and Team Building

Looking for a fun team building event that will help you develop communication and experiences that bring forward the barriers and the strengths of your team?  Horses have an amazing way of pointing out the weak spots and encouraging change of approach to see results.  Often times when we sit in an uncomfortable place is when change is created.

Teambuilding activities can also be very beneficial to sports teams, organizations as well as a great change of pace for a staff meeting. Working with the horses can assist in developing leadership skills as well as reflecting how the herd may represent the team and how they best work together.

The EAGALA model has served many different corporations in team building and has provided great results. The farm has a bunkhouse for lunch or debriefing. Ask us to help build your complete day retreat or just get on the schedule for a team building session.

The horses look forward to helping you develop a stronger team!!  All activities are ground based.

A portion of the proceeds from group and team building activities go to sponsor those in need with equine activities through the non-profit Empowerment Through Connections. 

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