The future depends onwhat you do in the present

Susan Chalker

I am a licensed mental health counselor, I completed my masters in mental health counseling from Antioch University Seattle in 2017.

I enjoy providing support to youth and their families who are navigating challenging emotional and behavioral struggles. I have experience working with individuals on the Autism spectrum, people with anxiety, trauma history, and depression. As a therapist I work from a strength based lens and believe that the client is always the expert on their own experience. I greatly enjoy getting to know the individuals I work with and supporting them as they identify their own strengths and develop skills for navigating difficult times and emotions.

My focus is in supporting youth and their families make desired behavioral changes in order to improve family functioning. Additionally I have experience providing services to youth who have experienced trauma. I work from a strength based lens.

I believe that all behaviors (however frustrating) serve the function of meeting a need, as a therapist it is my job to help you figure out what function your child's behavior serves and how we can work as a team to help them meet that need in a more appropriate way that leads to improved functioning for both child and family.