The future depends onwhat you do in the present

Ashley Salas

Ashley Salas graduated from Saint Martin's University in 2012 with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology & History with a minor in Women's Studies. After graduating, Ashley moved to Alaska where she worked as a medical staff program coordinator at a critical access hospital in rural AK. After learning more about the needs of the community and being apart of multiple committees (Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Response, crisis response, mental health awareness and support, teen-youth center and mentorship, as well as elderly advocacy) Ashley created her own position with the hospital she worked at: becoming the social services program coordinator for the hospital, family clinic, as well as the local long term care center.

Through this work Ashley began to find her path; she recognized that she wasn't only doing case management and meeting the needs of her patients, but she was also working with family members, community members, & staff, while also looking at policy, procedure, and state/federal regulations. This led Ashley to realize the importance of relationships and how connected we all are to others, even when we feel we are not. Because of the work and experiences Ashley had in AK and working more directly with aspects of the whole person (medical, social, personal, financial, etc.), she decided to return to graduate school and become a therapist to help others.

Ashley returned to Saint Martin's University and is graduating in May 2020 with a Master's in Counseling. Ashley is going for dual licensure as a Family and Marriage Therapist, as well as a Mental Health Counselor. After graduation, Ashley is going to become certified in EAGALA (May 2020) and does plan to utilize and work in the model. Ashley's approach is client-centered and focused on systems as well as relationships/connection. Ashley is drawn to EAGALA and the farm due to it "being a magical place...where people can have the freedom and support of being outside, while also utilizing the animals that provide such amazing comfort, understanding, connection, and awareness".